In Pre-Construction, we develop a plan with our client and designer. We'll work hands on and identify the design specifics, budget and schedule. From there until construction, our role is to continuously evaluate the plan and prepare to execute it.

Throughout the pre-construction process, we prepare for a variety of scenarios and identify cost-saving opportunities to make construction run efficiently and smoothly.





Construction Management


Throughout the Construction process, Jomed Construction strives to foster trust and carry out the plan we developed together with our Client. Jomed serves as a Construction Manager, General Contractor or Design-Builder.  We provide our reliable subcontractors and create a safe job site.


We evaluate our progress and schedule on a daily basis and provide the Client with monthly status reports. We understand that the demands or scope of a project may be modified at any moment during construction. We maintain flexible for our clients, keep them informed and on track. We make necessary adjustments in the present to prevent a series of problems in the future. Should there be any part of construction that falls short of our clients' expectations, we are dedicated to going back and fixing them to ensure satisfaction.







After construction is completed, our job is not yet finished. In Post-Construction, Jomed Construction's dedication to quality resonates here from where it started in Pre-Construction. We comprehensively review all components of construction, evaluating our work from beginning to end and from top to bottom.


We perform a walk-through with our client and their team and inspect every mechanical, electrical and fire system. We then provide all information for further maintenance from there on in. Our integrity as a company is only as good as the integrity of our buildings. We take pride in our work and do everything we can for it to remain functional for the long run.